Music Ministry

The Hosanna Music Ministry exists to serve the local church in helping our Pastor tune in the hearts of members when they come and worship God.

The HBBC Music Ministry encompasses the Hosanna choir, and Selah, our in-house orchestra. Members of the Music Ministry are faithful members, dedicated and determined to be used by God through their God given talents in music.

The Hosanna Choir is a 30-voice choir that sings in services as well as special events and speaking engagements of our beloved Pastor all throughout the year. They go through rigorous training and practices to hone their talent so that they can sing best for the Lord. With the selfless dedication of our Pastor’s beloved wife, ma’am Kaye, Hosanna Choir has grown to be one of the best Church Choirs, world-class and sterling in all aspects. We take pride with Hosanna Choir as they render only the best versions of Gospels songs, hymns and worship songs for the Lord.

Finally, we have our HBBC Selah , made up of a volunteer full orchestra that plays in every services and participates in seasonal and unique events. Most of the members of our orchestra are students who have been trained to play their instruments only for the Lord.

The orchestra provides the support, the background during worship. It creates the feeling of what the music is all about. It sets the tone and creates all the reinforcements before the preaching OF God’s word.

Indeed, One of the hallmark of HBBC is our excellent taste in music. Our church choir sings powerful psalms, hymns and spiritual songs during our services. And Our church orchestra adds a tremendous dimension to the congregational singing in our services.

We thank and praise God, that he has given us a Senior Pastor who is not only dedicated to preach the word of God but also inclined in Music. When our Pastor plays the piano, it exhort, uplift, and encourage the body of Christ.

Truly, Hosanna Bible Baptist Church and Ministries is home of talented individuals who have dedicated their lives all for the Glory of God.

Hosanna Creatives

During the outrage of the pandemic in 2020, while the world withdrew inward in isolation and fear, we turned our eyes upward to Jesus. Despite significant challenges by God’s faithfulness and Grace, HBBC continued to grow and thrive in ways unimaginable. Countless lives were impacted and transformed Across the Nation and worldwide through the Hosanna Livestream Ministry!

God is still faithful. As physical doors were closed, digital doors have opened.

We praise and thank God for the Life of preacher Glenn, who has dedicated his life to the Lord. At the beginning of the pandemic, God gave him the wisdom to set up one of the most sophisticated Livestream technology we could ever imagine.

This was just the beginning of an even greater impact for the Lord. By God’s amazing power, more than 1000 people are worshipping with us weekly. And over 100,000 people are seeing Christ-centered content every month pointing people to Jesus and making Him known on all possible platforms.

Across the globe, our livestream ministry has reached over 50 key cities and countries, with our baptized members and international partners tuning in and worshipping with us as one.

Today, we see that God’s love is boundless and His work is borderless, reaching across countries and enabling more people to come to know Him as our ministries continue to faithfully meet online and help others offline.

We are called to share Jesus, respond like Jesus, live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and glorify Jesus.