Senior Pastor, HBBC & Ministries

Rev. Provy Ragual Cadelina is a name that resonates within the walls of Hosanna Bible Baptist Church and Ministries (HBBC), a thriving congregation located in the heart of Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. As the Senior Pastor of HBBC, Pastor Provy has not only shepherded his flock with passion and dedication but has also left an indelible mark on the surrounding communities and even reached international shores with his ministry.

Since assuming the role of Senior Pastor, Pastor Provy has overseen the establishment of HBBC daughter churches in Laoag, Pasuquin, Claveria, and even as far as Hawaii. This expansion is a testament to the growth and impact of HBBC under his leadership. In addition to these local churches, HBBC also extends its reach through mission outreaches in Aparri, Lasam, Sarrat, Vintar, Dingras, Caruan, San Nicolas, as well as international outreaches in Australia and Hong Kong. The breadth of these ministries reflects Pastor Provy’s commitment to spreading the message of faith and compassion far and wide.

The life of Pastor Provy is a living testament to the power of a strong family legacy. Influenced by the steadfast faith and devotion of his father, Pastor Jhune Cadelina, and his mother, Mrs. Corazon Cadelina, Provy has developed a deep love for ministry that fuels his passion to serve.

Pastor Provy’s journey as a pastor began at a young age when, at 14, he surrendered his life to the Lord in the year 2000. Even while completing his secular studies in high school, he embarked on a theological education, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. His dedication and perseverance paid off, and he successfully completed his Bachelor of Theology at the esteemed Dr. Damian T. Amayun Memorial Baptist Theological Seminary Inc.

Remarkably, Pastor Provy’s pastoral journey started even before he finished his formal education. At the age of 15, he took on the responsibility of pastoring the church in Pasuquin, showcasing his remarkable spiritual maturity and leadership abilities at such a young age. His early start in ministry set the stage for the influential role he would go on to play in the years to come.

Pastor Provy’s exceptional preaching abilities became evident early on when, at the age of 14, he won an international preaching competition in the United States. This recognition affirmed his talent and passion for sharing the gospel, propelling him further into the realm of speaking engagements and ministerial invitations both within Ilocandia, the Philippines, and even abroad. His expertise in delivering God’s Word has made him a sought-after speaker, and his influence continues to grow beyond the walls of HBBC.

Beyond his pastoral responsibilities, Pastor Provy finds immense joy in his personal life as well. He is happily married to Mrs. Kaye Cadelina, and together, they are blessed with three wonderful children: Kirk, Katherine, and Keon. This supportive family unit undoubtedly provides strength and encouragement for Pastor Provy as he carries out his multifaceted ministry.

One of the notable aspects of Pastor Provy’s ministries is his heartfelt connection with young people. As a millennial pastor, he understands the unique challenges faced by today’s generation and is dedicated to guiding and inspiring them on their spiritual journeys. His relatability, coupled with his deep faith, enables him to connect with young individuals in a way that resonates and encourages growth.

Indeed Provy Ragual Cadelina is a senior pastor who has made a significant impact on the lives of many through his leadership at Hosanna Bible Baptist Church and Ministries. His journey from a young teenager surrendering his life to the Lord to becoming a millennial pastor has been marked by steadfast commitment, spiritual growth, and a heart for ministry. As he continues to serve and spread the gospel both locally and internationally, Pastor Provy’s influence is sure to shape the lives of many for years to come.